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Ricciotti picture
Rudy Ricciotti
* 22.08.1952 - Alžír, Alžírsko

17, bd. Victor Hugo, F-83150 Bandol
tel: +33 4 94 29 52 61
fax: +33 4 94 32 45 25

Rudy Ricciotti has succeeded in forging a deeply rooted personality, at once clear-cut and subtle, that is revealed in Ricciotti the citizen, the art collector, and … the architect. Concerned with the meaning attributed to his architectural creations, this prolific builder stands out for his intellectual and aesthetic rigour. His sumptuous seaside homes, which blend harmoniously into their pine forest surroundings, attests to a highly appreciated, remarkable, yet critical, respect for his Mediterranean origins.
Rudy Ricciotti created his firm in Bandol in 1980. He has since achieved ambitious, highly diverse projects - private homes, community housing, administrative, school and cultural buildings,  stage designs and urban projects.
From the very start, he has been exploring areas unusual for architects, breaking a new path for the next generation. He also privileges private works.
Paradoxically, it was only after having acquired fame due to his prolific production and several exhibitions that he turned to public assignments. He has built such major projects as the Stadium in Vitrolles, the Peace footbridge in Seoul and the Potsdam concert hall.
The subject of numerous publications, Rudy Ricciotti has nourished exchange by working with architects such as Georges Heintz (Multi-function room in Selestaat, 1998), artists such as the Berlin creator Fred Rubin (for the Nickolaïssal), composer Michel Bossini (for the “Silence Park” project in Pierrelatte), Chinese artist Wang Du (for the sculpture park project in Shenzen), among others.
Often invited to participate in prestigious competitions, he has collaborated on many exhibitions and participated in numerous conferences in France and abroad.

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